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I’m excited at the opportunity to engage more deeply with you and looking forward to it. Here’s what to expect;

First, we manually review and on board each member for security and verification purposes. Our team works hard but please allow us to assist you during regular business hours and provide us a brief period of time to get you setup. If you have any concerns, please contract us directly at 


You can expect an email (more often) or video (always check your SPAM and mark both and as safe) detailing various trades that I’ve chosen to highlight or market conditions along with a break down where we stand. Within this eMail, I will also provide thoughts on the advanced market breakdowns as I provide my analysis on any changes we can expect within the market due to varying conditions or developments.  I will also use this as an opportunity to bring attention to any underlying securities that I am currently focusing on or preparing to trade. I may also provide notifications during the week when appropriate here.


If you don’t have a PDF viewer, you should be able to use Google’s free PDF tool to view the content or you can access Adobe Acrobat for free. I’ll leave a link below for your convenience.

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– Private Trade Recap & Live Q&A: 


While eMail recaps will be the norm, when possible we will hold a live Q&A. This serves as an enhanced version of our weekly breakdowns and also provides the opportunity for our smaller group to engage in a live Q&A. The scope of which will focus on the specifics of each trade, what we saw and did through the day etc. These sessions will be hosted on YouTube and you will receive a direct invitation specifically locked to your account. I will use the email address that was associated with your PayPal transaction. If you’d like to change that please notify me ASAP. 


These sessions will be recorded and available only to you for viewing or review at a later time.

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We will have important videos, tutorials and documents hosted for you within Gdrive. Please take your time to review that content as well as all of the eMails that come your way. I want every person who chooses any of my packages to walk away with the biggest ROI they’ve ever had from training or education. I think of that constantly and I will not let you down. 

Being on the retail side doesn’t mean that you have to be on the weak side. In fact, being on the retail side allows for exposure to moves that institutions could never deal in due to their scale. We’ll work together so that you can identify those opportunities and take charge through knowledge!


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Thank you for your interest. At present time, one on one coaching programs are not available. My hope is to revisit this in Q4.